marklogic-database-managementThe huge and rapidly expanding volumes of data being created and made available to companies and organizations worldwide provides a massive challenge—and opportunity. Those who will use that data to better serve consumers and clients will win. Hands down. Yet relational database technologies that have led the market for decades are no longer the answer.

That’s why we’re especially pleased to see MarkLogic identified as a challenger of the next generation database technology, NoSQL, in Gartner’s 2016 Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems.

MarkLogic achieved the highest placement for its “ability to execute,” in the challengers’ quadrant. We believe that is because of our focus and clear vision for our product. Our focus on solving the decades-old challenge of integrating silos of information without the need for traditional ETL tools best positions us to tackle current and future market challenges, and win the battle for top customers.

As always in industry, new technologies emerge to replace old ones and move the world’s economic might and efficiencies forward. That time has come in virtually every database area, including the much talked about Big Data movement. The database industry is in the throes of a major shift away from the relational database technologies of the past and toward NoSQL.

MarkLogic is right where we want to be: leading a revolutionary change in how data is stored, mined, searched, used and shared. We integrate data from disparate data silos, which, if left unchecked, leaves enterprises with tons of data but no efficient, fast and cost-effective way to tap into it. The incumbent relational database technology was never designed to solve this data silo problem. We can, and it’s a big reason why well over 50 percent of our business comes from completing projects that failed on Oracle.

We have an enterprise-hardened solution with all of the features, including government-grade security and full transactional support, that enterprises need to take advantage of the next-generation data-base technologies.

Enterprises today need a 360-view of all of their data, which is constantly increasing in terms of volume, velocity and types. NoSQL databases more easily ingest structured and unstructured data, which reduces the time and money needed to better manage that data.

In short, next-generation NoSQL databases are designed for today’s data challenges—not yesterday’s. And we at MarkLogic are in excellent position to lead this unfolding data revolution.

Read the full Gartner report here and see for yourself.

Source: MarkLogic