About Rubix Data Sciences: 

Rubix Data Sciences Pvt. Ltd. helps you to take prudent credit risks, build a robust supply chain and monitor compliance for your business partners in India and around the world.  Set up by highly experienced Risk Professionals who have worked extensively in the credit, legal and supply chain information domains, Rubix  has been awarded the Certificate of Recognition at the IMC Digital Technology Awards 2020 in the category: Most Promising Start-Up IT Company in Enabling Digital Transformation.

The Rubix platform and its suite of reports, products and services are based on its extensive database of structured and unstructured data aggregated from over 120+ sources, customized predictive analytics and proprietary technology. Through its solutions, Rubix provides deep insights to Credit, Risk, Supply Chain and  Compliance professionals in 250+ Banks, Credit Insurance Companies, Fintechs and Corporates, facilitating quicker and more effective decision-making.

Rubix Automated Risk Management & Monitoring System (ARMS) Platform: 

The Rubix ARMS Platform (Automated Risk Management & Monitoring System

Platform)  facilitates dynamic risk decisions about B2B counterparties leveraging its extensive data assets from 120+ sources, customized predictive analytics and proprietary technology. 

The Rubix ARMS platform helps Corporates, Banks and Insurance Companies assess and monitor

the Credit, Supplier and Compliance Risks of their counterparties (customers, dealers, distributors, suppliers, vendors, borrowers, competitors) both at an individual company and portfolio level.

The Rubix ARMS Platform provides:

  1. Rubix Risk Scores about counterparties globally
  2. Automated Credit Risk Modelling
  3. Automated Credit Limit setting
  4. Risk Monitoring and Early Warning signals
  5. Portfolio Risk Scoring by geography, business divisions and legal constitution
  6. Dashboarding and Visual analytics

The differentiators of the Rubix ARMS Platform are as follows: 

  • The Rubix ARMS platform is a single source of credit and compliance risk related data.
  • The Rubix ARMS platform makes available risk intelligence and financial data on SMEs (including proprietorship and partnership firms) and incorporated entities of all sizes.  This helps the flow of credit to SMEs that are a vital part of any corporate’s distribution and supply chain.
  • It provides dynamic statutory, legal and financial data about businesses which facilitates regular risk monitoring.
  • The Rubix ARMS platform leverages unstructured data e.g., Social Media data, effectively for risk decisioning.
  • The platform’s Risk Scoring algorithms deploy dynamic risk assessment methods which  combine external risk data of the counterparties with internal transaction history.
  • Rubix ARMS leverages Risk Analytics to reduce reliance on human judgment in the risk decisioning process.
  • Rubix ARMS provides a Portfolio view of the risk of a company’s supply and distribution chain. This allows the platform’s users to assess the risk by geography, business division and legal constitution of their counterparties.

Contact Details: 

Rubix Data Sciences Private Limited
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Mumbai 400086

Tel: +91-22-49744274
Mobile: +91 99109 22711
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