Nova Credit CEO Misha Esipov announced a partnership with Westlake Financial, who will consider credit information from abroad when evaluating new U.S. immigrants for auto loans.   

Nova Credit obtains data from 16 countries’ credit bureaus and converts it into a score and report intended for American underwriters. The startup, whose results are accepted by American Express in credit card applications, called the partnership with Westlake its first for the auto industry.

“Constant innovation is one of Westlake’s core values, so opening up another avenue for potential customers through a first-of-its-kind partnership with Nova Credit aligns with our go-forward strategy,” Westlake Technology Holdings Group President Ian Anderson said in a statement Oct. 12. “This unique partnership with Nova Credit not only allows us to extend our reach but also enables us to help newcomers realize their potential here in the United  States. To be a part of that is truly fulfilling.”

Source: Nova Credit