Russian Dispute Resolution:  Almost all disputes are resolved in courts of general jurisdiction: 84% of litigations are heard in Federal courts of general jurisdiction and magistrate’s courts, and only 16% of cases fall for the share of courts of arbitration.

Counterparties check using the courts data in Globas

The section on Courts of General Jurisdiction in Globas includes cases pending in all instances of magistrates’ justice, federal and military courts, as well as in the Supreme Court in all regions of the Russian Federation.

The data bank of courts of general jurisdiction contains 172 million cases, including 98 million cases in federal courts of general jurisdiction and 74 million in magistrates’ courts.

In the section you can get information about the participation of the CEO, shareholder or employee of the company in Administrative, Civil and Criminal cases of the following nature:

  • disputes about compensation for moral and material harm,
  • conflicts between the employee and the employer or the creditor and the debtor,
  • information about bringing to administrative and criminal liability.

Dynamics of the received cases

In 2020, the number of received cases increased by 3,7 million compared to 2019. The categories of cases in which the number of proceedings increased indicate problems that have exacerbated in a difficult 2020.

In particular, a significant increase in claims for housing payments and debts for housing and communal services indicates a decrease in the solvency of citizens.   At the same time, the number of claims in the field of labor relations has fallen.

Tax evasion, the use of fraudulent schemes for money laundering, financial pyramids are classified as criminal cases in the field of economics. The number of such cases remains at a high level, which confirms the need to check counterparties and related persons.

Amount of claims

The total amount of claims brought by the plaintiffs almost doubled from 56 billion USD (4 trillion RUB) in 2019 to more than 97 billion USD (7 trillion RUB) in 2020. The amounts awarded by the courts for recovery are less than those stated. Picture 3 below reflects the dynamics over three periods: 2019-2020-2021 (forecast).


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Source:  Credinform