Sentieo has become the newest financial research desktop provider to launch its own ESG scoring system, and it is doing so with the help of machine learning. With the growing number of ESG assessment products in financial services, providers are looking toward emerging technologies to differentiate.

Sentieo and Clarity AI are partnering to enable environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data visualization, scoring, and sharing in support of company and other investment assessments. As a newcomer to the financial desktop space, Sentieo prides itself on being AI-enabled in research and workflow support. Clarity AI is a sustainability technology platform provider that offers ESG risk data. Together, the collaboration allows users to uncover opportunities and risks in ESG-based investing.

The partnership will also increase Sentieo’s insight into the ESG space by leveraging Clarity AI’s sustainability data on over 135,000 investment funds, 198 countries, 187 local governments, and more than 30,000 companies. The resulting new product, ESG Risk Score, will integrate into Sentieo’s desktop. ESG Risk Score allows investors to drill down into specific factors that contributed to the scoring under individual ESG categories. Investors can also further analyze the ESG score and the underlying metrics with the Sentieo desktop to help formulate trading and investment strategies.

Regulations requiring ESG disclosure continue to be a big driver for developments in the ESG-based investment space. From a climate perspective, both the Paris Agreement and the Climate Corporate Accountability Act are prompting demand among financial professionals for greater ESG insight. Other related climate initiatives include Net Zero mandates that a growing number of organizations are undertaking. Such ESG research, rankings, and data have been equally valuable to corporate strategists and supply chain risk managers.

Outsell assigns a positive rating to Sentieo given its use of AI to differentiate its ESG intelligence offering and its use of proprietary, science-based methodologies on risk informed by international standards, such as the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board. These factors will likely put Sentieo on the map with investors, who are traditionally married to the Bloomberg Terminal, Refinitiv Eikon, S&P Capital IQ, and/or FactSet for their financial research desktops.

About Sentieo:  The tools that investment and corporate analysts currently use provide the same structured, financial data, and present it in isolation from all the other sources of insight that can drive a better investment or corporate strategy. Everyone is doing their research using the same information, and thus getting pretty much the same results.

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About: Clarity AI aims at contributing to a more socially efficient capital allocation by providing decision makers with the most reliable and comprehensive tools to understand and optimize social and environmental impact, leveraging scientific research and the latest technologies

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