The integration between Serasa Experian’s negative database, the largest in Latin America, and the positive track record of consumers and businesses will bring even more accuracy to Serasa Score.

From October 11, 2019 Serasa Experian is accredited by the Central Bank to operate fully with the new Positive Registration throughout Brazil. The law governing the new system had been in force since July 9, but depended on the drafting of complementary rules and the assessment of the Database Manager’s technical and operational requirements with the Central Bank for the receipt of data from Financial Institution.

For Serasa Experian, the automatic inclusion of consumers and companies in the Positive Register is a breakthrough for the Brazilian credit market and the change could bring significant benefits to society as it may favor the good payer, as those who pay their payments on time. accounts may have more favorable rates and conditions for obtaining credit; reduce the risk of debt distress, as informing how much the consumer has already taken credit in the market allows the creation of offers compatible with their real payment capacity; and expand access to credit, as workers who do not have a formal job, for example, may be able to demonstrate their ability to pay.

“Brazil is following an international trend practiced for many years in credit risk analysis in economically relevant countries such as the United States, Germany, China, Australia, among others. We are ready to make Cadastro Positivo a reality that will change the credit relations in our country once and for all, ”says Serasa Experian and Experian Latin America President José Luiz Rossi.

According to a study by Serasa Experian, the Positive Registry can benefit about 137 million Brazilians, which means 88.5% of the adult population. This total includes 22.6 million citizens (14.6% of the adult population) who are currently out of the credit market and may be included because they already have a favorable track record of default. The survey also reveals a possible reduction of interest to 74% of people over 18 who now have access to credit.

The study – based on simulations based on Serasa Experian’s statistical score models – also reveals that the adoption of the Positive Registry should generate an injection of around R $ 1.3 trillion in the country’s economy. This higher consumption potential would have an impact of 19.6% on the credit-to-GDP ratio (from the current 47.4% to 67.0%), driving several economic sectors.

Holder of the largest database in Latin America, Serasa Experian leverages the innovation developed in its DataLabs and Experian’s global expertise by adopting the success models used in the United States and the United Kingdom, for example to calculate Serasa Score, and demonstrates its global ability to transform data into valuable information for consumers and businesses.

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