TransUnion’s Domestic US Information Services business grew by 20%.  Within this segment the US online data service revenue was up 23%. Marketing services revenue was up 21% and Decision services increased by 10%. The international business grew by 22% and within this segment the international developed markets grew by 37% on a constant currency basis and emerging markets grew by 13% on a constant currency basis.  Consumer Interactive business grew by 12%, which included approximately US$5 million of incremental revenue credit monitoring services due to a data breach by a competitor.

Moody’s revenue for MIS (ratings) for the second quarter of 2018 was $752.3 million, up 10%. Within this segment Structured Finance grew 19% and Financial Institutions revenue was up 18%.  Revenue for Moody’s Analytics for the second quarter of 2018 was $422.8 million, up 35% from the prior-year period, buoyed by the acquisition of Bureau van Dijk (BvD). BvD is inbedded in Moody’s research, data and analytics unit (RD&A).   Bureau van Dijk’s solutions support the credit analysis, investment research, tax risk, transfer pricing, compliance and third-party due diligence needs of financial institutions, corporations, professional services firms and governmental authorities worldwide. With BvD, Moody’ Analytics has now access to global data database with over 275 million privately held companies.

Verisk (Nasdaq:VRSK), reported revenue growth of 14.9% to $601 million; organic constant currency revenue growth was 7.4%.  It is all about acquiring market share in analytics for energy and specialized Markets and financial services businesses.

Cerved reported first half of 2018 revenue growth of 12.3%.  Credit information ‘Corporates’ grew by 3%; Credit information  ‘Financial Institutions’ grew by 2.3%. The Credit Management division grew by 44.6%. Such growth is mainly related to the underlying organic growth of the business, with the balance deriving from the contribution of the special servicing contracts for NPLs under the industrial partnership with Banca Popolare di Bari (finalized at the end of 2017), and also the partnership with Banca MPS for the servicing of future flows of non-performing loans. Marketing solutions revenue declined by 3%

S&P Global reported 7% growth lagging behind Moody’s results.  S&P Ratings revenue grew by 4%.  S&P Dow indices grew by 13%.  Market Intelligence revenue grew by 8% and Platts revenues increased by 7%.  S&P Global announced that it has reached an agreement with Crunchbase to add private company data to its Market Intelligence platform.

Creditreform Germany reported that its 2017 revenues grew by 3%.

Equfax total Q2 revenue grew by 2%.  The USIS business declined by 2%.  International revenue was up 8%.  Workforce solutions revenue grew by 7% and Global Consumer Solutions declined by 5%.  Equifax has been hard hit by the data breach incident of last year, obvously to the benefit of its competitors.  The company is engaged in a guarantuan effort to rebuild confidence with customers and making investments in infrastructure with the goal of being an industry leader in IT and data security (comments by CEO Mark W. Begor).

Source:  Q2 2018 Earnings Releases