BIIA is  pleased to inform our readers that our group has been included in a new program for well-managed groups on LinkedIn.

“Any posts created in the group will now receive increased visibility on the LinkedIn feed. In order to lead to more productive and helpful conversations, I welcome you to post directly to the group. Thank you.”

Yours sincerely
Joachim C Bartels
Managing Director

About BIIA:  The Business Information Industry Association (BIIA) is a trade association for providers of a wide range of business information services which help other businesses manage growth and reduce risk.

Our members’ services spectrum includes information content, platforms, workflow software, decision systems, identity and authentication services, compliance and risk assessment tools.  The largest member segments are business information, b2c and b2b marketing services, risk management, fraud prevention, compliance services, consumer credit bureaus, commercial credit information companies and software providers supporting digital commerce.

Benefits of a BIIA Membership:

Outreach:  BIIA has established one of the largest global networks of business information providers with over 75 members and connecting over 4,500  information professionals.

BIIA is one of the largest information resources for business information and credit risk management professionals.  Through our portal,, we provide a wealth of information for members, users, regulators and the general public on the latest developments in business information and its value for users and national economies as a whole.  

The BIIA portal has become an important resource on standards, trends, technological developments and policies for our industry.  The BIIA library is approaching 14,000 news items representing use cases, though leadership and best demonstrated practices.  BIIA members receive regular news alerts on key developments in the industry and the regulatory environment.   Our readership is widespread; between 4 to 5 thousand unique visitors access per month. 

Networking: The association provides a neutral open forum for its members to debate and resolve common issues with users, regulators, government and the public information sector. We advocate a legal regulatory environment which supports the information users and the information industry.

Expertise and Knowledge: The BIIA board of directors consist of a group of volunteers who have an extensive knowledge of the various information industry segments with many years of combined experience which is available to support members:.

Market Engagement: The association represents the interests of its membership by participating in international and regional committees that focus on information services such as the World Bank International Committee on Credit Reporting (ICCR).

The association also represents the interest of its membership  by being actively involved in regional initiatives that seek to develop the information that is available to support growth in regions such as the Asia-Pacific Financial Forum (APFF), Financial Infrastructure Development Network (FIDN) estblished as part of the work of the APEC / ABAC financial infrastructure development forums.

BIIA Webinars:  BIIA participates in important webinars on industry; for example a discussion facilitated by the World Bank’s SME Finance Forum on the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on business information and credit risk.  Followed by two webinars on Alternative Data

BIIA also facilitates and moderates webinars on behalf of its members in which important industry developments and trends are discussed.  

BIIA Biennial Conferences – BIIA 2022:  The BIIA 2022 Biennial Conference was held in May of 2022 in Singapore.   The event attracted 170 delegates from 20 countries.  A recording of the conference will become available shortly.

Industry Advocacy Activities: As a global trade association BIIA is committed to monitoring and reporting on key regulatory developments that are of interest to our membership and prospective members that operate in the industries we cover. We continue to make a conscious effort to increase our global regulatory reporting coverage recognizing the geographically diverse location and business reach of our members.  

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