TransUnion has opened its first representative office in Jakarta, Indonesia, to assist customers in the information and analytics arena brought about by the robust economic growth of the country.

The new Jakarta office will offer a range of value-added services to local industries, in particular the financial service industry.  These services – ranging from analytic and decisioning to risk, collections as well as fraud and identity management – will provide a wide range of companies with access to high quality business intelligence.  By leveraging business intelligence, TransUnion helps its clients make faster and more objective decisions about their customers, new business acquisitions, and reduce and manage risks in their credit portfolios.

Lawrence Tsong, president of TransUnion Asia Pacific stated:  “Indonesia is a very important market with huge potential.  According to a recent report by the McKinsey Global Institute, Indonesia could add 90 million new consumers by 2030 to become the world’s seventh largest economy. The large working population, a rapidly growing middle class and strong domestic consumption in the country has led to substantial demand for exactly the kind of services that TransUnion offers.  TransUnion has a wealth of experience establishing operations in emerging economies. Having strong management and implementation teams in Asia-Pacific and a large, growing footprint in the region, TransUnion is strategically positioned to help accelerate the growth of analytics capabilities in the Indonesia marketplace, benefiting both businesses and consumers.  Building upon our current presence in Asia including China, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand, TransUnion’s goal is to address the emerging needs of the market, help our customers achieve success and grow the local economy.”

Source:  TransUnion Press Release