The Canadian RegTech startup’s API helps verify two-thirds of the world population with just a few lines of code.

In a recent article in INTERNATIONAL FINANCE, May 2019 edition, Stephen Ufford, the CEO and founder of Trulioo, explains how the company’s expansion into Dublin will allow it to scale into new European markets and firm up its compliance framework through a single solution.  The company stated that its physical presence in Europe will help to work more personally with partners and customers.  Trulioo serves already hundreds of clients throughout the world.  A large number of Trulioo’s customers are actually based in Europe.  Dublin’s proximity to Continental Europa and the abundance of great tech talent in the City of Dublin guided its decision to open an office there.

Trulioo’s business is to help organizations with compliance issues concerning AML and KYC and to prevent fraud by building a framework of trust on a global scale.  With its principle product GlobalGateway the Trulioo enables clients to verify five billion individuals and 250 million businesses.  Trulioo is continuing to scale into new markets, adding new countries each month.

Trulioo will continue to leverage the power of mobile data, from device IDs to GPS location, biometrics and mobile number identification, to cover populations that aren’t currently in the global financial system but have access to mobile phones.

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