Industry Experts Analyze Data-Driven Business Trends and Share Insightful Stories 

ZoomInfo (NASDAQ: ZI), a global leader in go-to-market intelligence solutions, has announced the debut of its first podcast series, Talk Data to Me. The podcast highlights informative data-driven business trends and insightful stories through engaging conversations with industry thought leaders.

Hosts Sam Balter, ZoomInfo’s Director of Editorial and Thought Leadership, and Stephanie Tonneson, ZoomInfo’s Audio Producer and Marketing Coordinator, examine how current events and macroeconomic trends overlap through the wealth of data found in the ZoomInfo platform. On each episode, Balter and Tonneson speak with various industry experts to unpack specific data topics and develop practical and inspirational takeaways that listeners can apply both professionally and personally.

“Talk Data to Me brings data to life, so to speak,” said Balter. “Data, especially in B2B, can be complex and challenging, but we make it accessible by talking with leaders who can share the stories behind the digits. During the conversations, our assumptions are challenged, our biases are confronted, and, at times, our interpretations are conflicting. This messy process of theory, research, and revision is how we arrive at insights. This is what it means when someone wants to talk data.”

In the inaugural episode, Mike Volpe, CEO of, a travel management company, details how his team made it through 2020 after losing 97% of their business. In the second episode, Debbie Tang, Partner and Executive Recruiter at Bridge Partners, shares her expertise on the impact of diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Future episodes feature Scott Brinker, Vice President of Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot, dissecting the ever-shifting marketing technology landscape, and a discussion of the gender promotion gap with Kathy Garfield, CEO of Keller Companies, and Lori Sokol, Executive Director at Women’s eNews.

Listeners can subscribe to new episodes of Talk Data to Me – and access previous ones – on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

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Source:  Zoominfo Press Release