Beijing-based consultants Analysys have produced a report on China’s B2B markets which suggests that “the numerous related offline businesses make up the bulk of the B2B industry”, suggesting that most existing reports err by focusing only on the online sector. Offline media, the report says, account for 75% of spending in this sector. The report states that the “B2B market has grown rapidly, reaching 7.3 billion RMB (US$959 million) in 2006, and is expected to reach 9.3 billion (US$1,222 million) in 2007”. That 27% growth rate is broadly in line with BSG’s expectations for growth in the trade fair markets. Analysys estimates that the Canton Fair is market leader with 18% share, followed by Alibaba Group with 16% and Global Sources with 9%. Source: Analysys / Business Strategies Group, Hong Kong

BIIA Newsletter June – 2007 Issue