Recession Resistant Product Mix and Being at the Right Place at the Right Time was the Key for Maintaining Growth

The Q2 2020 financial results are coming in day by day and the first surprise came with S&P Global’s 14% revenue growth in Q1 and Q2.  This topped off a couple of days later with Moody’s delivering an 18% revenue growth in Q2 and 13% in Q1 2020.  It was COVID-19 borrowing spree by corporations and governments which lead to a surge of liquidity-driven corporate bond issuance

Another surprise is the 13% growth of Equifax in Q2 and 15% growth in Q1. US Workforce Solutions brought in the bacon with a staggering 43% growth.

Dun & Bradstreet up 5% with the help of deferred income adjustment.  North America revenue down 1.8%.  International revenue down 9.9%

Experian growth was down by (1%) versus Q1 of 8%.

TransUnion revenues declined to (3%).

All major credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion reported revenue declines in their international units, while US revenues were less impacted.

We added a relative newcomer to the industry ZOOMINFO, who successfully launched an IPO in June.  The company reported organic growth of 40% partly due to the success of ZoomInfo’s leading go-to-market-intelligence platform, which helps more than 16,000 companies worldwide sell and market more effectively and efficiently.

The chart includes earnings reports as of Aug 12,  2020

Source:  Company announcements