Phil Cotter 12072012Our contributing Editor and Board Member Phil Cotter looks at the Business Information market and in particular tries to identify the reasons why the market for Business Information is not recovering as quickly as the market for consumer information.

There are a number of indicators in the market that suggest that growing revenues in the Business Information market continues to be a challenge for many organizations. This article looks at developments in each of the main regions in the world with a particular focus on D&B’s operations as the bell weather for the state of the industry. It also highlights some of the outliers who are bucking the trend of low growth.

Whilst in part I of this series of articles, it was evident that the major consumer credit information players where benefiting from an increase in consumer credit activity, particularly in the US, there is evidence that for the business information sector, Credit Managers are taking a cautious approach to extending trade credit and of course the press is full of stories across the globe of banks failing to meet the needs of SME’s.

It might take a little while yet before we see a recovery in this sector globally with both Credit Managers and Risk Managers at the banks continuing to be risk averse for the foreseeable future.

With growth being hard to come by in many markets, further consolidation or regrouping such as the Experian /Cerved and Coface / Roularta deals are inevitable, as larger companies focus their resources on areas with higher potential and the smaller players find it difficult to sustain profitability. This together with new entrants such as Duedil, D&B Credibility and will ensure that nature of providing and consuming business information will continue to evolve.

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