Experian® has announced a new approach and a new credit scoring model.  Intelliscore PlusSM Version 2 will go live on Monday, April 22. Intelliscore Plus Version 2 provides several key enhancements:

  • An innovative emerging market model segment for new businesses
  • An option for an enhanced “blended” model using information on both the business and the business owner
  • A new risk class ranging from 1 (low risk) to 5 (high risk), providing a quick assessment

How does this announcement affect a business?
Intelliscore Plus Version 2 will now be the engine behind the 1 to 100 IntelliscoreSM currently in use.  The scoring scale is unchanged, and the report and other delivery methods are the same.  A user will now receive the 1 to 5 risk class.   The migration date is April 22.

In preparation for this transition, customers are asked to go to: http://www.experian.com/business-information/credit-risk-management.html. The site includes tools to help to prepare, including material on the new Intelliscore Plus product, risk classes and a sample report.

Source:  Experian