Indonesia, the fourth most populous country, has huge market potential for internet commerce, and currently, an e-commerce war is on its way.  Numbers released by TokoBagus, an Indonesian Craigslist, show just how big the opportunities could be.  Tech in Asia reports that TokoBagus exceeded one billion monthly page views in July, with an average of 25 pages per visit.  Roughly calculated, that means TokoBagus received 40 million visits per month.

Challenging TokoBagus is Kaskus, a site that started life as an online discussion forum but has lately turned its focus to e-commerce. Kaskus claims 600 million monthly page views on 40 million monthly users. These numbers are not that far off from Craigslist, which claims 60 million visitors in the US every month.

In terms of who is leading, TokoBagus is older and better established as a venue for buying and selling stuff, so it is unsurprising it commands the highest number of page views. And unlike online publications, which make money from showing ads and therefore depend on growing their audience, the number of unique visitors is less important for e-commerce sites.  These numbers are only going to grow. The proportion of Indonesians in the “consuming class,” which it defines as people with net annual incomes greater than USD 3,600, will double to 85 million in the decade to 2020. Moreover, the size of the e-commerce market is forecast to double since 2013 to USD 8 billion in 2013. Indonesia has never been more intense.