The agreement contemplates the launch of the new SABI Informa where, in addition to all the information on Spanish and Portuguese companies, data on the self-employed will be included.

INFORMA, a leading company in the supply of Commercial, Financial, Sectoral and Marketing Information, and Moody’s Analytics, Inc., a subsidiary of Moody’s Corporation, a leader in integrated risk assessment solutions, have signed a data supply agreement for products financial analysis and national and international marketing in Spain, Portugal and Colombia (countries in which INFORMA has a presence). 

INFORMA and Bureau Van Dijk (BvD), part of the Moody’s Analytics business line, have been collaborating in this regard since 1993 and have maintained this relationship after the acquisition of BvD by Moody’s in 2017. The renewal of the agreement includes the commercialization exclusively by INFORMA of the new SABI Spain and Portugal version, which will become an INFORMA product developed by BvD. 

In the words of Juan Sainz, CEO of Informa D&B: “The renewal of this agreement with Moody’s is very important for INFORMA, since the products that are distributed have proven to be very useful for companies and other institutions when it comes to analyzing its client portfolio or certain market sectors”. 

The current SABI (Iberian Balance Sheet Analysis System) is an effective digital tool that is essential in financial analysis and strategic marketing, which allows the general information and annual accounts of more than 2.7 million to be handled easily and quickly. of Spanish companies and 800,000 Portuguese.

In addition, this new version will include self-employed data for Spain and Portugal, which will improve the features and performance of SABI Informa, allowing for more complete analyses.

Source:  Informa D&B Press Release