BIIA congratulates Ken Marlin an his outstanding achievement

Marlin & Associates, the international investment bank and strategic advisory firm headquartered in New York City announced that for the fifth year in a row Institutional Investor, one of the most respected publishers in the financial technology industry, has named M&A’s Founder and CEO, Ken Marlin, as one of the 40 most influential people in fintech finance. A link to the press release is here.

Upon learning of this acknowledgment, Marlin said: “Our firm has been particularly busy this year advising more than a dozen information technology clients in the US, Europe and the Pacific Rim on the most effective ways to buy, sell and raise capital. We appreciate this recognition, and thank Institutional Investor. At the same time, we are most pleased we are able to help our clients achieve their dreams.

About the Fintech Finance 40 Ranking

There is seemingly no end to the phenomenon that is fintech. At $57.9 billion in the first half of 2018, global venture capital, private equity, and mergers and acquisitions investments in the financial technology sector exceeded the full-year 2017 total by more than $10 billion, according to KPMG.

Simply put, this spells opportunity for the financiers and other transaction facilitators in Institutional Investor’s fourth annual Fintech Finance 40 ranking.

They are fervid competitors who bring to their roles different perspectives and convictions. But they are unanimous in their optimism about fintech; about being strategic, often hands-on, partners with the companies they invest in; and about the value of networks — extended ecosystems of technological, industry, and investment expertise — in advancing the sector.

The Fintech Finance 40 ranking was compiled by Institutional Investor editors and staff, with nominations and input from industry participants and experts. The evaluation criteria include individual achievements and leadership at the respective firms; influence in the community at large; and the size, reputation, and impact of the respective funds and institutions within the financial technology industry — particularly during the current wave of fintech financing.

The Fintech Finance 40 was compiled under the direction of Senior Contributing Editor Jeffrey Kutler. Individual profiles were written by Kutler, Research Editor Amy Whyte, and Senior Writer Julie Segal.

Source:  Marlin & Associates and Institutional Investor