LexisNexis® Risk & Information Analytics Group announced the availability of LexisNexis Debtor360, a new data solution that provides collection organizations with greater debtor insight and helps them enhance the efficiency of recovery efforts. Debtor360 provides collection organizations with key debtor indicators that identify critical account characteristics, thereby enabling them to save time and money by avoiding uncollectible accounts and focusing on profitable ones.  LexisNexis Debtor360 helps collections agencies address this challenge by providing agencies with more insight about the debtors in their portfolio. This enables agencies to easily identify accounts that require special treatment such as debtors who may be bankrupt, deceased, incarcerated or represent litigious behavior or identity fraud. LexisNexis Debtor360 is available as a stand-alone solution, fully customizable to fit unique collection workflows. It is also available as a fully-integrated component of LexisNexis® Collections Management Solutions.  Source: LexisNexis

BIIA Newsletter July – August 2009 Issue