In the US, audience targeting exchange company eXelate has partnered with shopper insights specialists Nielsen Catalina Solutions to give CPG marketers access to data on in-store purchasing behaviour. Nielsen first announced a partnership with eXelate in March last year, integrating its granular online and anonymous household-level off-line data into eXelate’s Targeting eXchange.

To power the new system eXelate collects data from online and off-line organizations and delivers marketing insights on more than 300 million global unique users. The company claims to be the ‘world’s largest digital data engine powering 60 billion privacy-compliant data transactions for 200 media companies every month.’

Nielsen Catalina Solutions will use eXelate’s platform to ‘accelerate the audience buying and selling process’ and to centralize and extend privacy protocols such as consumer profile preferences, opt-out and Do Not Track functions.