Powerlinx Altares D&B 2016-03-07 12.57.28Recently Powerlinx (www.powerlinx.com ) continued to make big strides in both Europe and North America.

They just-announced a partnership with Altares-D&B and together they won the Top Innovation Award at Big Data Paris, a leading European big data conference, and resulted in a great deal of press coverage. With both the platform and support now available in French, comprehensive acquisition strategies are in place. The Altares deal also increased total number of companies listed on Powerlinx to 35 million.

Strategic product enhancements were rolled out in early March, including further refinements in our IP (‘PowerScore’ and ‘Partner Graph’), key U/X improvements, and new product features, such as the user’s ability to browse and interact with potential business opportunities, and list potential deal valuations.

Source: Powerlinx.com