Qarar has recently won the prestigious Global Business Outlook award of ‘Best Analytics for Credit Performance – Saudi Arabia’.

What makes Qarar unique is a deep expertise in development credit risk models in Saudi Arabia and across the GCC.  We have developed more than 250 different credit risk models that are actively implemented to help lenders of all sizes acquire new client and manage their product portfolio.  Our advisory team supports our clients every step of the process to help them implement the right strategies when using credit risk models.  Qarar’s Data Science team constantly monitors the performance of the models with the use of our award-winning DecisionSmart engine to make adjustments to the models when required.

We are proud to have achieved a rapidly growing influence in driving the use of data analytics in credit risk. We consider ourselves to be a catalyst for FinTech growth in the region, and we have a unique ability to support small and large institutions in staying relevant in the industry, and capture new segments.

Qarar serves over 65 different financial services companies across the ME and GCC region and is a key enabler to achieving their own clients’ digital transformation.  Drawing on our core competencies of data and analytics, we successfully build solutions that are more agile, intuitive and user-centric.

Our achievement in winning this award would not have been possible without the constant support and trust of our clients, and we extend our thanks to all Qarar clients throughout the region.

Source:  Qarar Consultancy news