Directories marketing iStock_000037534844SmallYP, the largest local ad platform in the U.S., aims to empower advertisers to turn insights into action by applying retargeting capabilities, powered by DataXu, to its 70 million “doers” using search history to identify and connect brands with a qualified audience across the web.  YP offers retargeting for online display advertising, to enable advertisers and agencies to extend their ability to reach YP’s proprietary audience across desktop, mobile and social; and to manage and optimize marketing investments seamlessly.

This new offering, powered by DataXu’s proprietary real-time decision engine, meets the increasing demand of YP’s national advertisers looking to reach local consumers at scale, and enables these brands to access and retarget YP’s proprietary audience of more than 70 million monthly users. With YP’s market-leading search capabilities and its advanced mobile location-based behavioral targeting solution, added to its digital advertising portfolio earlier in 2014, YP is furthering its position as a leading provider of digital advertising solutions.

In its use of targeted advertising, YP follows industry-standard privacy practices by taking responsible measures to secure any personal information of YP users collected through its sites, while still providing them with products, services and communications relevant to their interests. Users are able to manage the use of their information by opting-out of retargeted YP advertising. YP’s privacy policy and practices are TRUSTe certified.

About:  DataXu’s programmatic marketing software enables marketers to build stronger brands in a digital world, leveraging data and analytics to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their customer acquisition strategies.  DataXu helps companies to market more intelligently by answering tough questions: Who are our most profitable customers?  How does their response differ by product, channel and messaging? Is our marketing finding new customers efficiently – and where can we find more?

The platform’s automated learning system evaluates millions of ad impressions, identifying high-performing combinations of consumer attributes, context and creative, to find and engage the best prospects. DataXu’s proprietary algorithms conduct millions of decisions every second to lower media costs while improving outcomes. Plus, DataXu delivers critical intelligence on consumer trends, to inform strategic decisions. Our scientific approach to marketing is why hundreds of top brands trust DataXu to turn insight into action – and improve return on their marketing investments.