Acxiom®, the data and technology foundation for the world’s best marketers, has announced its selection as a Launch Partner for AWS Data Exchange, a new service that makes it easy for Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers to securely find, subscribe to and use third-party data in the cloud. AWS Data Exchange will provide access to Acxiom’s expansive aggregated data for marketing analytics, including data from countries across EMEA, APAC and the Americas.

“We built AWS Data Exchange to offer organizations an easier way to find, subscribe to and integrate diverse data sets into the applications, analytics, and machine-learning models they’re running on AWS,” said Stephen Orban, General Manager, AWS Data Exchange. “We are delighted to be working with Acxiom to improve the efficiency of our shared customers’ analytics efforts.”

“Our clients often leverage data from various providers to drive their marketing strategies and decisions,” said Amanda Terry, vice president of publisher and platform partnerships at Acxiom. “Before AWS Data Exchange, clients would have to go to multiple SFTP sites to download the information and bring those data assets together in one place. Having the ability to access these insights in one place gives our clients the ability to spend more time on the analysis needed to make good business decisions and create better customer experiences.”

“Acxiom is excited to make a selection of our ethically sourced and privacy-compliant data sets available to AWS customers,” said David Skinner, managing director of channels and alliances at Acxiom. “We also look forward to bringing more of Acxiom’s high-value products and services to AWS customers in the near future, including our marketing analytics capabilities, data monetization services and additional custom data sets.”

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Source:  Acxiom Press Release