flag of Russia A.300jpgGlobal business practice shows that the role of SMEs is of key importance for the economic stability and growth. The efficiency of small and medium business mostly depends on the governmental approach as confirmed in practice by successful economic development in many countries.  While the government in Russia traditionally occupies a dominant position in all spheres of social relations, business in particular, the governmental policy in the area of regulation and support of entrepreneurship can dramatically influence the SMEs business development.

To grant domestic small business more freedom the Federal Law No. 294-FZ “On protection of legal entities and sole entrepreneurs by the state and municipal control implementation” came into effect December 26, 2008.  In conjunction with the Federal Law No. 246-FZ as of July 13, 2015 amendments were passed to minimize the administrative pressure on the SMEs to facilitate their positive economic output in the today’s complex business environment.

There are the following improvements:

  • Within 2016 – 2018 small business entities will not be inspected by the state control bodies. Exception for riskier business areas: manufacturer of hazardous products with a negative environmental impact, companies operating hydro-engineering structures, involved in activities on providing radiation security, state secrets protection, use of nuclear energy, apartment building administration, auditing;
  • SMEs have the right to dispute their inclusion into the annual inspection plan;
  • A risk-based approach: process, duration, frequency of control measures will depend on the potential hazard of negative consequences if a SME subject avoids to comply with the obligatory requirements/standards and a probability of the subject violating them;
  • Federal laws or governmental acts will regulate terms attributing specific risk category or hazard rating to the corporations.

The Federal Law No. 246-FZ as of July 13, 2015 has come into effect on its publication date; sections related to the implementation of the risk-based approach will come into effect as of January 1, 2018.

According to statistics data, during the period 2012-2015 over 2 million inspections were planned, 20 % for 2015 showing a favorable trend in reduced inspections by the State.  Further efforts will lead to more positive results, both in the SMEs business development and in the inhibition of the negative trends in Russian economy.

Source:  Credinform Russia