Alibaba J LuJonathan Lu, who is both executive vice president and chief data officer of Alibaba Group picked as new CEO to replace founder Jack Ma in May this year.

Jonathan Lu has been responsible for many of the company’s top business units. (Source: Alibaba).  A report Monday on Alibaba Group’s news blog Alizila said Lu is also the company’s current chief data officer and president of Aliyun mobile OS.  He has been with Alibaba since 2000, a year after the founding of the company. The executive has led three of the company’s major divisions and headed online shopping site Taobao during a period of high growth, it added.

In January, Ma announced that he will be stepping down from his role as CEO to make way for the younger generation to lead the company. However, he will remain as chairman of the company and be involved in shaping the group’s business strategy and management development.