Adam Weinstein, a former senior employee at LinkedIn, quit last year to start his own data analytics company, Cursor.  Cursor lets users inside a company search for data across different departments, databases, and platforms. The company launched two months ago, and teams at Apple and Slack already use the program.

Adam Weinstein was a senior employee at LinkedIn when he was asked to teach employees in China about the company’s data analytics operation, or how the company uses data to make business decisions. But the task, he found, was more difficult than he anticipated because there wasn’t a unified place to find data across different departments, databases, and platforms.

Weinstein cobbled together a basic tool that could do this, which then became used frequently inside LinkedIn.  For analysts, he figured, a system that would allow people to easily cull and keep track of data without bouncing off emails to several departments would make their jobs easier — and it could make for a lucrative business opportunity.

After just three years working at LinkedIn, Weinstein quit in March 2018