Meet HG Data:  A company which says “We’re Data Scientists”.

At HG Data’s lab in California, our data scientists are pioneering surprising new ways to procure, extract and apply data.  We love the astounded look on our customer’s face upon first seeing what we (and our databases) can deliver.

We launched our first company, NOZA, in 2005.  That’s where we first applied our new scientific methodology for squeezing more value out of unstructured data.  Our success inspired technology powerhouse Blackbaud, Inc. (BLKB) to acquire NOZA in 2010.

Now, under the name HG Data, we continue creating new capabilities for an even broader universe of data users. Go ahead. Challenge us with your toughest, wildest database request.  Think big. We do.

A new era has arrived. Now you can get better and more cost-efficient business intelligence.  We’re tapping previously unavailable data and extracting surprising new value in business arenas long hobbled by stale sources.  The difference is guaranteed.  Let’s talk. It’s time to rethink what’s possible.

Here are the basics:

Part 1:  Huge Volume of Unstructured Data.  We have discovered new ways to efficiently collect and extract value from oceans of seemingly valueless Web flotsam… billions of archival web pages to produce a detailed census of the specific technologies utilized at which physical sites

Part 2:  Access to Proprietary Data. We have agreements with leading traditional data publishing sources, enhancing the end product through an optimum blend of multiple types of quality information.

Part 3:  Curation by Data Scientists. Based on the client’s specific objective, our data scientists make adjustments to assure a superior result.

It’s a whole new level of data science.

Historically, the data publishing industry has been limited to more rudimentary data-gathering approaches: web extraction methods developed in the Web 1.0 era, error-prone telephone surveys, and extrapolating inferred usage from minuscule raw data sets.

Now HG Data offers up to millions of individual contact records with full details on installed technology at their locations. All you have to do is tell us the slice of data you want.

In the words of its Founder & CEO, Craig Harris, “While LinkedIn tracks the relationships between people in business, HG Data tracks the relationships between businesses themselves.”  Who sells to whom.  Who buys what.  Who resells. Who partners. …All at your fingertips.