More than 400 industry leaders are attending UFI Congress in Seoul, Korea, the annual event of the Global Association of the Exhibit Industry.  The event is taking place from 13th to 16th of November.

Hosted by the Association of Korea Exhibition Industry (AKEI), this year’s event is themed ‘Managing for the future’, where industry CEOs and strategic thinkers have gathered to network and discuss trends affecting the global exhibition industry. Apart from the main conference, a number of smaller meetings were held including the Annual UFI General Assembly, the UFI Board of Directors Meeting, UFI Regional Chapter Meetings and a meeting of the UFI Associations’ Committee.

Worlock200BIIA Chairman David Worlock will speak about Communities and workflow: How do events fit into the future of B2B?  Business and commerce are being reshaped by the relationships created in digital networks, from digital manufacturing to remodelling content and data to drive workflow. New communities and trading relationships are being created through these means.  David Worlock will address the question  whether events will change too, whether some traditional practises and companies will survive, and how events companies can, by being strategically aware, exploit a networked society to build a stronger, digital marketplace.

Source: Business Strategies Group Hong Kong  –