BIIA is starting to receive inquiries about memberships and affiliated memberships.  The formation of BIIA has raised eyebrows in Europe, because there is no European-wide content association.  People are surprised that Asia has taken such an initiative.  BIIA is in discussions with a number of content associations concerning reciprocal memberships.  We see the following advantages in potential alliances: 

  • Alliances with other regional and local associations will provide greater critical mass in promoting the industry, to develop a common code of conduct, exchange best demonstrated practices, and to work on standards
  • Create critical mass in forming a common front against potential government restrictions of access to public sector information, or against the encroachment of the public domain into the private sector information services

 UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) has contacted BIIA to obtain advice on information infrastructure development in support of credit granting in developing countries.  World Bank:  We have initiated discussions with the World Bank to share a world wide survey on public sector information availability and performance

 EPS Insights:  In October we commenced our Market Intelligence News Service, which is supplied by e-mail by our member Electronic Publishing Services, United Kingdom

BIIA Newsletter January – 2006 issue