Cerved Group 200Effective from of the date of the next Shareholders’ Meeting the following directors resigned form the Cerved Board:  Giorgio De Palma, Andrea Ferrante, Francisco Javier De Jaime Guijarro, Giampiero Mazza and Federico Quitadamo.

In consideration of the above mentioned resignations, the Board of Directors has decided to not proceed with the cooptation of new Directors pursuant to articles 2386 of the Italian Civil Code and 13.11 of the Articles of Association. During the course of the meeting, the Directors Mara Caverni, Fabio Cerchiai (Chairman), Gianandrea De Bernardis (Chief Executive Officer), Sabrina Delle Curti, Marco Nespolo and Aurelio Regina resigned from their offices, effective from of the date of the next Shareholders’ Meeting, in order for such meeting to appoint the entire Board of Directors, in consideration of the significant changes in the Company’s ownership structure following Chopin Holdings S.à.r.l.’s disposal of its entire residual stake.

The Board of Directors has also resolved to entrust the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Chief Executive Officer, severally, to carry out all the activities required to convene the Shareholders’ Meeting to appoint the new Board of Directors.

Source: Cerved Press Release