Country Risk Climates:  Trends to Keep an Eye On

  • Azerbaijan – very large weapons purchases;
  • Costa Rica – the biggest investment project to date has been suspended;
  • India – efforts to support the plunging rupee;
  • New Zealand – less growth than anticipated; Syria – pandemonium in currency trading.

Other countries mentioned in this report:

Afghanistan:  Now in the midst of a transition to the departure of most foreign troops – in a state of limbo ….

Argentina:  The economy grew more than expected in the first quarter, and yet, the government had to take extraordinary measures to contain the peso’s nosedive ….

Brazil:  Although the protesters staging nation-wide demonstrations have won victories in a number of cities, the unrest is not likely to come to an end anytime soon ….

Indonesia:  Growth slowed in the first quarter, but in Indonesia this is a relative term ….

Iran:  The election of Hassan Rohani as president has given rise to delighted commentary in the international press. But Iran has not suddenly become a democracy …..

Kenya:  The outlook for the economy has strengthened, now that the presidential transition has proven to be smooth and peaceful ….

Russia:  While growth is slowing down, the policy makers find themselves without effective tools to counter this trend ….

Venezuela:  The CB plans to step up dollar sales to importers via a revived Sicad system to reduce shortages of basic goods ….

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