Credit Information Corporation (CIC), the country’s public credit registry and repository of credit information, will conduct its first virtual credit expo geared towards borrowers and consumers on 02 December 2021 at 9 AM.

Entitled “#PHCreditExpo: Rebuilding Creditworthiness in the New Normal,” the event aims to promote the benefits of a credit information system to the economy and raise awareness on the rights of borrowers in light of the current recovery phase of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We would like to educate everyone, that beyond serving as the country’s credit registry, the CIC also protects and upholds the rights of borrowers including their right to ready and immediate access to their own credit information, as well as their right to dispute any incomplete, outdated, or erroneous data on their credit report,” CIC President and CEO Atty. Ben Joshua A. Baltazar said.

The CIC PCEO is set to discuss how credit reporting works in the country, the anatomy of a credit report, responsible borrowing and improving one’s credit standing, access to credit in the new normal, and the rights and remedies of borrowers, especially against abusive lending and debt collection practices.

Malicious use of CIC’s name

In support of the campaign against unlawful debt collection practices of lenders spearheaded by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the CIC will also cover the said topic in its upcoming credit expo.

“One of our frequently received inquiries concern the abusive practices of lenders including the use of obscenities, insults, or profane language, and threatening to contact everyone on their phone book to intimidate them to settle their debts. Some debt collectors even misrepresent themselves as CIC employees. These acts are illegal and deplorable,” the CIC PCEO shared.  He then advised everyone to be wary of individuals or institutions disseminating information while disguising themselves as representatives of CIC.

“Debt collection is not part of our mandate so we will never contact anyone about their debts. Another tactic employed by abusive collectors is the threat of being blacklisted. We want to emphasize that the CIC does not have any blacklist of delinquent borrowers,” Atty. Baltazar further explained.

He added that the goal of the CIC Credit Report is to provide a balanced view of an individual’s credit history so it captures both positive and negative credit data.  The CIC Credit Report with credit score may be accessed and obtained online through CIBI Information, Inc., one of the CIC’s accredited credit bureaus. One of their credit experts will present the importance of credit scoring in the upcoming expo.

The public is invited to register for free at and join the expo via Zoom to receive a certificate of participation.

They may also email or send a message to for more information.

Source: Credit Information Corporation