The restriction measures in the Czech Republic to fight the COVID-19 pandemic have affected an estimated 34 percent of businesses and natural persons operating as sole traders, according to a press release by the Czech Credit Bureau (CRIF) .

About 90,000-127,000 companies and 145,000-299,000 natural persons, including entrepreneurs in accommodation and catering sector, tradesmen, freelancers, have been affected and seen drops in their business due to the measures, according to the CRIF, which specialized in the development and management of credit bureau services, business information systems and credit solutions.

Most affected are small companies with an annual turnover of up to one million crowns(39,000 U.S. dollars), especially in industries where the impacts are evident. It includes retailers, entrepreneurs in accommodation and catering sector, operators of sports activities, small landlords of commercial real estate, and many other industries, according to the release.

Some businesses were not interrupted by the measures, but have been negatively affected by sales drops and movement restrictions, the press release said. Some sectors may not be under an immediately visible impact, like construction and machine and plant industries.