CRIF250x150CRIF celebrated its first anniversary and accomplishments of the strategic expansion of its Chinese business information services in Shanghai on October 14, 2015.

Leaders and professionals from the business information industry, Chinese media and the whole CRIF staff, coming for the occasion from the Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai offices, gathered for a day of celebration at the JingAn Shangri-la Hotel in Shanghai.

The opening speech given by Enrico Lodi, Managing Director of CRIF SpA, explained CRIF’s mission in China, while Alexander Lo, General Manager of CRIF’s Business Information in Greater China, focused his presentation on the risks and opportunities of China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative.  It was an opportunity to illustrate CRIF’s global experience and know-how, address critical industry issues, and share worldwide best practices. Furthermore, Lodi ensured its Chinese customers that CRIF will continue to commit to “quality” in order to fulfill the evolving needs of China and the global market.

Source:  CRIF Press Release