Market-leading address, email, and phone validation tools available to improve operational efficiency and customer communications

Experian has rolled out its market-leading address, email, and phone validation as part of the Salesforce Quick Launch program. This program allows for the fast and easy implementation of Experian’s contact data quality products directly within Salesforce Commerce Cloud. 

While data is believed to be one of the most valuable assets, many organizations still struggle with the level of data accuracy within their systems. According to Experian’s recent Global Data Management report, on average, companies believe 28 percent of their data is inaccurate. In addition, only half believe that the information in their CRM and/or ERP system is clean and can be fully leveraged.

“Data quality is an important foundation for any business looking to better connect with customers or run efficient operations in today’s data-driven world,” said Simone Lima, SVP and general manager of Data Quality at Experian. “We are thrilled to be expanding our leading data quality products into Commerce Cloud.”

The purpose of Experian’s address, email, and phone validation is to ensure that important customer contact information is collected accurately, at the point of capture. This means that information put through Commerce Cloud is trustworthy, validating customer fulfillment, communications, loyalty programs and location intelligence.

One of the brands leveraging this solution is Shiseido. “The Experian platform and interface were very easy to use,” says Chris Dooley, executive director of digital & retail at Shiseido Americas. “The cost and relationship were ideal for our business.”

“Generally, in business, if you are working with a third-party with various functionality you hear about stuff when it goes wrong,” added Dooley. “In my time here, I have never heard about something going wrong with our address functionality. The functionality is used consistently across our sites, it integrates well in our platform and in our apps, and it just works.”

Built on Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Experian address, email, and phone validation tools are currently available on AppExchange at

Source:  Experian Press Release