GBGroup Identity ManagementTabcorp, a leading Australian gambling entertainment company, has partnered with GBG to implement behavioural analytics and transaction monitoring software, GBG Predator. The new software will help Tabcorp to identify fraud and compliance risks in real-time and to better understand customer behaviour across Tabcorp, Luxbet, and the newly launched Sun Bets in the UK.

GBG Predator provides Tabcorp with a 360 degree view of its customers – from initial compliance checks to monitoring customer behaviour. This includes the ability to spot unusual activity in real-time and instantaneously block potential risks.

GBG’s services are widely used in financial services sectors globally to identify fraudulent credit card use as well as financial transactions linked to money laundering activities. The solution’s capabilities are a perfect fit for the gambling industry.

quinn-tony-tabcorpTony Quinn, Head of Risk Management at Tabcorp explained: “We are excited about our partnership with GBG. The implementation of the analytics solution has multiple applications across our business and will help Tabcorp remain at the forefront of consumer and technology trends as well as customer protection.”

demetriou-mathew-gdbg-129c07bMathew Demetriou, Regional Director, APAC at GBG explained: “The betting and gaming industry has experienced significant changes largely driven by the growth in digital and mobile betting which presents a growing challenge for online gaming companies. Striking the right balance between providing a fast and frictionless service whilst taking preventative measures to minimise fraud, counter money laundering activities as well as ensuring the wellbeing of vulnerable players is critical to the long term viability of individual operators and the industry as a whole.”

Source: GBG News