To date this year (thru August) Global 5000 has added 159 new companies to the database and have completed over 4,100 updated records. As the company has stated previously, managing a database like this is a constant process where businesses are evolving, merging and spinning out various operations.

Recently, ,  Global 5000 founder sent the following update:

“One of the many lists we look at each year is the Inc 5000 list of America’s fastest growing companies.  The 2019 edition was published over the summer and we scan it to find any $1 billion companies that would fit into the Global 5000.  This year there were 23 $1 billion companies that are now matched up and included in the Global 5000.

In our development queue, we have the Transportation 300 – an offshoot of the Global 5000 which has the 300 largest transportation companies in the world.  These include companies in air, marine, auto, rail transportation, delivery services as well as logistics & operations firms.  This type of development is a luxury we enjoy by having such a large database like the Global 5000 which is great for research projects.

We recently published some research on the banking industry – European banks in particular. This is a hot topic as concerns over recession are increasing on a global level with lack of growth pointing straight at the European market.  And the data ‘don’t lie’.  Take a look at the article and accompanying chart.

As always, I appreciate your continued interest in and support of the research involved in the Global 5000 database. Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or feedback.”

Source:  Global5000