GraydonBusiness Information specialist Graydon was announced as the winner in two important categories at the annual Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM) awards in London. It won both the Credit Information Provider of the Year award, as well as the Risk Management Achievement of the Year award.

Graydon UK is part of the international Graydon group, which has an expertise of over 127 years in Credit Risk Management in Europe.  The company converts vast amounts of data from diverse data sources into information, to generate invaluable economic, financial and commercial insights that help customers gain knowledge into their sector and stay ahead of industry trends and developments.

The CICM judges comment on Graydon’s award for Credit Information Provider of the Year: “In a dense forest of credit information, Graydon allows you to see the wood from the trees. This company combined excellent specific industry focus, with strong testimonies.”

Besides its successful focus on Credit Management, Graydon also commits itself to provide the best Risk intelligence in the market. Its commitment was awarded in CICM’s event, as the company also won the category “Risk Management Achievement of the Year”.

Judges at the CICM event comment: “We have awarded Graydon for this category, as the company clearly shows how it uses and manages data to mitigate risk in key sectors.”

Source:  Graydon News Release

Graydon is a member of BIIA.  We congratulate Graydon for this great achievement.