As of now, the new company database of the German company information firm Hoppenstedt offers modules with extensive information about IT Systems used in the listed companies. Hoppenstedt Firmeninformationen is integrating IT profiles into its Online Information platform, which before had only been available offline in a CD version. This is a further step by Hoppenstedt towards evolving its “Neue Firmendatenbank” into an all-round information portal for the B2B market.

The new Hoppenstedt IT-Profile Panel is now available in conjunction with the Permium version of the “Neue Firmendatenbank”. It consists of IT profiles of 13 000 companies. Customers can find IT information on items such as PC work stations, ERP systems, server hardware, operating systems and data bases.  A second new module on offer is “Hoppenstedt IT-Profile SAP users, in which data on 7500 SAP users can be found. It offers dedicated information about SAP systems, number of SAP users and SAP products employed.

Source: European Association of Search and Database Publishing