At the Smarter Commerce Global Summit, IBM announced new software designed to help improve data sharing and automate complex marketing and supply chain processes in the cloud.

IBM is introducing IBM Commerce on Cloud, an integrated enterprise class e-commerce solution in the cloud that spans marketing, selling and fulfillment.  Designed to help chief marketing officers (CMOs) and e-commerce executives quickly set up and maintain an on-line storefront, it also helps companies of all sizes deploy the same customer digital buying experience as the most advanced retail brands in the world.

IBM Commerce on Cloud is an integrated platform for generating customer interest and then offering, selling, transacting and fulfilling orders in the cloud. It offers companies the benefits of cloud economies, such as low up front capital investment, pay-for-use models, and instant and ongoing scalability, to businesses of all sizes. While purchase motivations are different for B2B and B2C companies, their sales and marketing programs are becoming virtually identical.

Source:  Predict Wallstreet