MarkLogic 200There’s a lot of ways companies are trying to store and analyze data today, but one of the most compelling involves graph analytics.  MarkLogic, which supports a variant of the graph database known as a semantic triple store, hopes that a recent update puts this type of big data analysis on the map for more customers.

MarkLogic develops a so-called multi-modal database that can shapeshift depending on the problem at hand. Its document store and search engine capabilities shined when MarkLogic was brought in to replace an Oracle database for the big federal healthcare marketplace created by the Affordable Care Act.

But the MarkLogic database can also store data using the RDF (resource description framework) method, which facilitates making rapid connections between so-called “linked data” sets. An RDF database such as MarkLogic’s stores data using a “subject-predicate-object” format, which collectively is known as a semantic triple.\

MarkLogic has supported this triple store since the launch of version 7 of its database nearly two years ago. Today the company bolstered its triple store with the launch of MarkLogic 8+, which introduces the MarkLogic Semantics feature that the company says will make it easier for customers to build smart applications using the triple store.