Established since November 2007 Vietnam Credit Information J.S.C. (PCB) was determined to become the first world-class credit bureau in Vietnam.  PCB was formed by 11 commercial banks in Vietnam. The founding members cooperate with other financial institutions and government institutions to establish and operate the credit bureau.

With the support and advice of International Finance Corporation (IFC), PCB officially selected CRIF – the leading provider of credit information solutions in Europe – as its strategic partner. CRIF started the cooperation with PCB by delivering the Credit Bureau platform and covering the role of strategic partner. Increasingly CRIF became more and more involved on the daily management and also grew in terms of shareholder participation. Both CRIF and PCB demonstrated a top-level approach to the market by “doing what has been promised” at any stage shared with prospects and ultimately with clients.

On 25/02/2013, the State Bank of Vietnam officially granted PCB the Certificate of Eligibility for Credit Information Operation. Currently, PCB has already become the leading Credit Management Service Provider in Vietnam. Thanks to PCB, Credit Institutions have reduced time-to-decision significantly. As before, the approval time for a loan request at Banks usually took up to a few days, or in Financial Companies from a half to a whole day, when using PCBs services, loans are approved in an instant manner. Especially, when Credit Institutions are in the process of Digital Transformation, the use of PCB services brings great benefits to them.

Also in 2021, PCB has officially provided credit reports to Individual customers via the website: or mobile application. Previously, customers had to go directly to PCB’s office to get credit reports, but now, they can get their own credit reports via an online channel by doing eKYC.

Up to present, due to the high demand in the Vietnamese market on our services, PCB not only provides Credit Reports but also added-value services such as Credit Bureau Score, No-Hit Score, Fraud Prevention Solution, No-Hit Score, Portfolio Monitoring, Skip Tracing, Benchmarking Report…. PCB aims to provide a range of services across the Customer life cycle.

The Credit Bureau Score and Fraud Score, along with Inquiry alerts can be used to increase market portfolio share, as well as in terms of Exclusive customers.

The existing portfolio can be maintained profitably with the use of Delinquency alerts, Early Warning signals along with Credit Bureau scores.

Effective collection strategy through Collection alerts, Skip Tracing can significantly reduce the Loss Given Default.

In 2022, PCB is also constantly developing to launch many other services to the market such as Anti Fraud Solution, SME’s lending…


PCB credit report includes 2 main parts of information: Borrower identification information and Information of credit lines. PCB provides creditors full-fledged credit reports that they are interested in while assessing borrowers. Analyzing credit risk and creditworthiness of the borrower is divided into several steps, and each type of information can be used to achieve specific purposes.


A credit bureau scoring system is a credit risk assessment tool that analyzes and summarizes all the historical files for each consumer or small business reported to the credit bureau. Given the evolutionary process of a credit bureau, CRIF together with PCB has designed a path to integrate the credit bureau with the credit bureau scoring system depending on data and market maturity. Since September, 1st 2021, the new version of Credit Bureau Score 3.0 has been launched. In this version, PCB and CRIF also analyzed the impacts of Covid-19 on payer behavior, and accommodate for this inside the Credit Bureau Score.


In order to assist Financial Institutions in connecting with their customers, thereby speeding up the processing time, debt recovery, PCB offers a solution to provide borrower information in batches with the purpose of updating personal / business data for Financial Institutions. Customer information includes personal phone number history, address history and identification documents (other identity cards, passports, military cards, etc.) of the individual and enterprise. In addition, this information enrichment tool can be used for other internal activities of the Financial Institution, such as updating and synchronizing customers’ contact information to the Ministry. Customer relationship (CRM), or customer classification based on demographic information, etc.


From the demand for financial information in the market and the data collected from Financial Institutions, PCB launched a new service – Benchmark report that helps show the position of a Financial Institution when compared to the whole market; at the same time, it’s assessing credit performance of the whole market in general and each credit institution in particular.

The assessment is based on the measurement results of many indicators in many different dimensions, giving particularly useful information such as market growth, Market share, Product composition, Product characteristics, Delinquency rates, and Portfolio by Credit Score band. As a result, Financial Institutions have a more holistic view of their position in the market as well as the performance of other organizations in the industry.


The system applies AI technology with more than 100 different variables to offer a scoring model for new high-quality customers. Diverse data comes from various sources such as demographic information, loan requests, territorial information, information obtained at the time of query, etc. This function allows to support lending decision making for first-time entry customers to the credit market or customers with short credit history.


This group of solution includes 2 tools

Portfolio Alert: The system will give notices when the borrower’s credit information reported changes such as requesting a new loan to another credit institution, being granted a new loan by other credit institutions, or changing in a group of debt in other credit institutions.

Portfolio Explorer: Banks/ credit institutions can use this product to inquiry borrower information via batch, on a given frequency (monthly/ quarterly and so on so forth). The whole portfolio or a part of it can be put under monitoring. The outcome can be synthetic (summary block) or detailed (comprehensive report).


This solution includes two tools: Fraud Score and Fraud Evolution, to manage the different types of Fraud and mitigate the Fraud Risk.

Fraud Score is a statistical model that uses anomalous credit behavior to identify potential fraudsters. The variables used are related to Credit Information.

Fraud Evolution provides alerts related to relevant anomalies on the subject’s personal information: each alert has a weight that is a part of the expert Score to identify potential fraudsters.

Fraud Score allows having a grading of the Fraud Risk while Fraud Evolution allows having automatic alerts on Fraud Risk. They are two powerful, flexible, and independent tools, to be a complete end-to-end Fraud solution.

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