At the 2018 Annual Membership Meeting (June 7-8, 2018), which was held in Stockholm, Sweden, Enrico Lodi, Managing Director at CRIF, was elected President of ACCIS at the Enrico replaces Neil Munroe, who had served ACCIS for over 11 years as a member of the previous Executive Committee and more recently as a member of the new Management Board.

“Neil made an invaluable contribution to the ongoing development of ACCIS, as you have all acknowledged. From a personal perspective, it has been extremely helpful to have someone with his experience taking the time to speak with me, to guide me and to help me out wherever and whenever needed for these past twelve months. Thank you, Neil!”

We wish both industry leaders lots of success in their respective future endeavors.  Source:  ACCIS

BIIA Editorial Comment: Both gentlemen are involved also at BIIA with Neil Munroe being Deputy Managing Director and Enrico Lodi serving on BIIA’s Board of Directors reflecting the co-operative spirit between the two associations.