In its first newsletter of the year David Emery, Founder and CEO of Reciprocus International expressed that the takeaways from the pandemic is the importance of adaptability, and in this sense believing that this fundamental “reset” has opened investors’ minds to asset classes that they would not have otherwise considered previously, most recently culminating in the Gamestop frenzy.  Towards this end, however clearly less speculative, Reciprocus has also over the last couple of months expanded its track record into new asset classes and sectors in which it had not been very active in the past. 

It completed transactions in sectors such as business information, Vietnam Clinic Chain, a first foray into a US Commercial Real Estate Co-investment, assisting Control Bionics with its pre-IPO-placement, and helping a luxury resort in a Covid fundraiser.

In its effort to constantly strengthen its bench to ensure that it can continue to serve clients at the highest standards, Reciprocus has added 2 new team members:

Keeven Choi has just joined Reciprocus as a Senior Advisor. Keeven brings with him more than 40 years’ experience in the banking sector, including senior positions at DBS and Citibank.

Keeven’s expertise is in credit risk management, which had been his area of focus during his banking career across mature and emerging markets in Asia, also covering the application of digitalization and analytics in credit risk management processes.  With his deep expertise in the banking and risk domain, Keeven’s background is indeed complementary to the team, and is an especially important addition to Reciprocus as we are building our new Risk & Governance Practice.

Jow Jan Zen has begun an internship stint at Reciprocus in August 2020, and has impressed the team with his drive and ability to give fresh perspectives.  Jan Zen comes from an entrepreneurial family background (owners of a SME business in Singapore) which allows him to see things from the perspectives of business owners and better understand their business needs, thereby setting him up as an ideal partner and advisor to any client requiring our services.

2011 – 2021This is the year of Reciprocus’ 10th Anniversary.  Reciprocus has come a long way since its founding in 2011, and undoubtedly could not have gotten to where it is today without building close relationships with its clients and partners, while always remaining open to new collaborations.  

BIIA congratulates Reciprocus on its 10th anniversary and wishes it lots of success for the years to come.  Special thanks to David Emery, the founder and CEO of Reciprocus who took the initiative in 2004 to rally industry members to form BIIA