At the stroke of midnight (April 1, 2022), cars tooted their horns, while people on foot clapped and cheered.  The Causeway sprang back to life as the Singapore-Malaysia land borders reopened fully after two years.

A correspondent describes it as a ‘Very surreal experience’: What was it like driving across the Causeway after 2 years

Here is a checklist of requirements – including the vehicle documents you will need – if you are driving or riding a private vehicle across the border:  Click here.


For travellers by Air,  here is the latest information:

As of April 1st, 2022 a new travel scheme, named the Vaccinated Travel Framework, will replace the existing Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) scheme.

For details please click here.

Here is a short summary:

Entry approval

Fully vaccinated travellers do not require any entry approvals to enter Singapore; this means that travellers who were required to apply for vaccinated travel passes no longer need to do so. The air travel pass required as part of Singapore’s unilateral opening to Macau, China and Taiwan will no longer be required as well.


– Fully vaccinated travellers will still be required to take a pre-departure test within two days before departing for Singapore and obtain a negative test result. But they will no longer need to take any Covid-19 tests after arrival in Singapore.

Designated flights and quotas

– Fully vaccinated travellers can enter Singapore on any flights without having to serve quarantine from April 1. There will no longer be any quotas applied on daily arrivals.

Vaccination status

– Travellers will be able to show all vaccination certificates regardless of place of issuance as proof of vaccination. These certificates are not required to be digitally verifiable. Children aged 12 years and below are exempted from the vaccination requirement, in line with domestic measures.

Singapore Arrival Card

– The existing SG Arrival Card will be simplified such that they can be completed easily. Travellers will just need to submit  their personal particulars, vaccination status and health declaration.