Onboarding new customers while providing a seamless account opening experience can place substantial risk on your business.

Not only do you have to prove a positive user experience, you also have to prevent fraud operators from enrolling. Assuming speed is the only thing that matters to your customers could be a costly mistake. In fact, most consumers today say that an account creation process that validates their identity and protects against fraud and identity theft is a top priority.

GIACT’s EPIC Platform includes solutions that feature robust KYC implementation, without causing unnecessary friction. With one platform, you can effortlessly:

  • Validate names, addresses, email addresses, and location of the consumer/ business enrolling
  • Verify that the person or business is who they say they are using out-of-band authentication
  • Reduce both false positives and negatives
  • Perform screening for regulatory risks including PEP, OFAC, and enforcement lists
  • Validate bank account existence, status, and ownership
  • Enjoy lower abandonment rates
  • Deliver a better user experience, creating friction only when needed to keep fraud operators out.

Learn more about how to secure digital onboarding with GIACT’s EPIC Platform.

Source:  GIACT Press Release