A comprehensive tool integrating top down macro-economic research with bottom up analysis in one powerful application

Thomson Reuters today announced the launch of a powerful, new tool that supports investment professionals’ needs for tighter integration between macroeconomic research and fundamental analysis.  Thomson Reuters Datastream Professional combines unrivalled economic research with cross- asset analytics and fundamental data in one integrated application.  This supports Thomson Reuters goal to deliver superior content analytical tools to improve investment workflows and achieve increased alpha.

What is relevant and what is not from a user point of view: “Datastream Professional is a valuable development for the investment community. Facing a vast amount of data, investors have been in need of a tool that allows them to analyze and focus on the assets and sectors relevant to them.” “Challenging economic circumstances, growing sovereign debt and greater focus on new areas like the emerging markets are driving investment professionals’ needs for a single tool that integrates top-down macroeconomic research and bottom-up fundamental analysis in one place.”

Source:  Reuters