Solution Complements Global Firm’s Tinubu eSURETY Carrier Software

BIIA member Tinubu® Square Group, the global technology leader in the surety and credit insurance industry, announced it has acquired the assets of SuretyWave LLC, including its technology and knowledge base, notably the cloud-based surety bond processing system known as SurePath Digital.

The acquisition continues Tinubu Square’s execution of its global strategic vision of building highly complementary and integrated enterprise software solutions and services for credit and surety insurers. This enables clients, brokers, agents, obligees, and carriers to manage their rapidly evolving, high-growth businesses efficiently.

With the acquisition, Tinubu Square’s end-to-end SaaS platform simplifies processing for an entire value chain that has long struggled with disparate, complex surety bond information. Agents, brokers, and carrier partners can now efficiently manage their bond requirements, premiums, commission, and other calculations.

Tinubu Square is the global leader in designing, producing, and servicing the largest providers of financial guarantee products. The Paris-based firm provides technology solutions to 30 of the top 60 credit and surety underwriters in the United States and globally.

Jérôme Pezé, co-founder and CEO, says, “We are now even closer to a global promise of full automation and digitalization of surety and credit insurance products.”

SurePath Digital “is an outstanding insurtech solution because of its proven ability to streamline connections for independent agencies and brokers, which are key business partners to carriers that stand behind bonds,” Pezé adds. “These bond producers add significant value for customers, but desperately need the appropriate technology solution for their business to reduce manual processing, be more efficient for their customers, and grow profitably.”

Earlier this year, Tinubu Square acquired another U.S.-based insurtech, eSURETY®, which provides cloud-based solutions for automated underwriting, account risk analysis, bond lifecycle management, and surety analytics at an enterprise level.

About SuretyWave

In 2017, Steckler Group acquired Insure Vision Technologies (IVT) and renamed the company as SuretyWave. IVT, founded in 1999, was formed to develop a cloud-based surety bond processing system that significantly reduces the cost of executing and managing surety bonds. IVT founders Pam Stocks and Bev Hall helped lead surety industry efforts by being active with ACORD’s standard-setting committee for electronic interface between carriers and brokers/agents and with the National Association of Surety Bond Producers (NASBP) Surety Automation Committee and Commercial Surety Committee.

About Tinubu® Square

Tinubu® Square is the industry-leading insurtech SaaS (software as a service) platform vendor, enabling credit insurance and surety digital transformation. With 170+ employees globally and 20 years of innovation, Tinubu Square empowers its customers to offer a best-in-class client experience; reduce exposure to risk; and lower financial, operational, and technology costs. The firm has a footprint with customers in over 20 countries, including 30 of the top 60 worldwide credit and surety underwriters, and invests 20% of its annual revenue in research and development. Visit for more information.

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Source: Tinubu Press Release