shanghia subwayRole of Local Credit Reporting System to Combat Subway Ticket Fraud

At a recent Shanghai city council conference, rail transportation was selected as one of the 20 sectors highlighted as a responsible industry.  Fare dodgers on the subway were pointed out as a major concern.  A new task force setup by the rail transport authority has prosecuted fare dodgers and fraudulent users of senior discount travel cards totaling 14,242 from July 2014 to March 2015 – of which 1,332 individuals have been listed in the credit reporting system.

The fines and penalties collected during this period totals RMB 646,000. The 1,332 individuals that have been listed on Shanghai’s personal credit rating system are entirely made up of fraudulent users of senior discount travel cards.  Beginning in August 2014, upon confirmation of the identity of the individual who is travelling with a fraudulent travel card, they will be listed on the credit rating system.